Qi Hair Salon

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The Inland Empire SBDC successfully assisted Luz Orozco in a step-by-step process to start her business, and open Qi Hair Salon.

al 1Luz Orozco was attending the Inland Empire SBDC’s workshop “How To Start You Business” in October 2012 in preparation to start her own hair salon. Al Gohary of the Inland Empire SBDC was teaching the workshop, and Luz had many questions regarding her lease, and complications with the permits with the city, she also needed information on how to create a business plan, how to project the cash flow, how to start her business, and how to get funded. Al Gohary answered the questions regarding the lease and the permits, and advised Luz to come and meet with him in the Inland Empire SBDC office to work together on the business plan and financials.al 2

 Al Gohary,business consultant with the Inland Empire SBDC, worked with the client to develop the business plan, and the financial projections. Al Also advised the client on how to deal with the landlord permits situation, and also explained the options of equity financing from friends and family.   

Al Gohary attended the grand opening of the Qi Hair Salon last week, and was a witness to the successful mile stone. This is an example of having a dream and a vision by an owner, and partnering with the IE SBDC to help her make that dream come true. Qi Hair salon opened in June 2013 in Moreno Valley Luz Orozco created four jobs within the community,

If you are interested in learning more or obtaining assistance to start your business or stay in business, contact the IE SBDC to make an appointment with Al Gohary.