Murrieta Small Business Success Story

Our story began in 2006 when my husband, Bob, tired from the daily commute to San Diego, decided to start his own business. He looked at numerous franchise opportunities and narrowed it down to an Inspect-It 1st franchise. We discussed all the pros and cons and it really seemed like a good fit with his personality and strengths.

Bob was always a hands-on type of person and it made sense that his first job, at 16, would be an assistant at an old-fashioned neighborhood hardware store. He loved to figure out what was wrong with something and then try to fix it. Customers loved him and his casual yet professional approach to solutions. It’s these same attributes that his clients love about him today.

Now fast forward many years to 1st quarter 2006. To finance the business we borrowed half the money from a low interest credit card and the other half from our equity line of credit on our home. This didn’t seem like much of a risk at the time, after all I was a Marketing Manager with D.R. Horton and business was booming, and I could manage to keep us afloat on my salary. By 2nd quarter 2006, Bob had finished his initial training and performed 10 practice inspections that were closely monitored and critiqued, and had become involved with the Murrieta and Temecula Chambers. It was at the Chamber that he met Paul Nolta and began to take some of workshops for small business owners, such as; Starting Your Own Business and How to Write a Business Plan. Making connections and learning the basic skills of business ownership gave Bob the confidence to jump in and start to market himself and the business. Bob completed 28 inspections that year.
Toward the end of 2006, the real estate market was changing, banks were in a crisis, and layoffs were happening throughout the industry, and D.R. Horton was no exception. In April 2007, I was laid off as part of a massive nationwide effort. I contacted everyone I knew in the homebuilding industry, and outside, and no one was hiring my type of position. I was forced to focus my attention on becoming more involved in our inspection business and ultimately decided by October 2007, that I would give it 100% of my attention. Just like Bob had done a year earlier, I began to take Paul Nolta’s workshops on Starting a Business, Marketing, Financial Planning, etc… I was in unchartered waters since my background was corporate marketing and I was used to a 4mil+ budget and a staff of consultants and assistants. Taking off my corporate hat and putting on my grassroots hat was not easy. But, armed with a plan and a will to survive, we pushed through the fear. We took advantage of every opportunity to meet our target market, Realtors, on a one-to-one basis. Bob went to open houses, became an affiliate member of the local
Board of Realtors, joined the Temecula and Murrieta Chambers, and networked, networked, networked! We completed 2007 with 131 inspections.

2008 was a pivotal year for us. We were really starting to see the momentum we were creating but we knew we needed to take another leap in order to grow. My focus was to run the office and handle the marketing while Bob focused on managing the inspections and delivering great customer service. We began to make more of an effort to network together which really helped us grow. We also decided to incorporate and I attended SBDC seminars on the process. In addition, I started taking one-on-one Quickbooks training at SBDC with Al Gohery. He was so knowledgeable about the software and very reassuring that I would be able to master the bookkeeping side of the business. April 1, 2008, was the start of newly formed corporation. And we ended this year with 472 inspections. From 2nd quarter 2007 to the same period 2008, we had grown 356% which was a record for Inspect-It 1st nationwide and ended the year in the number 1 position. In a quote from a Press Release provided by our home office, it was stated: “Murrieta’s area Realtors, buyers and sellers are clearly choosing to ‘Inspect-It 1st’ with Bob & Pam,” stated Kylene Golubski, Vice President of Business Development for Inspect-It 1st. “A business doesn’t experience this kind of growth unless you’re doing something right. In the Waysack’s case, they’re doing everything right, and their commitment to customer service and professionalism is clearly resounding with people in Murrieta.” We achieved the number 1 spot in the nation.

By 2009, our business had become very recognized throughout the local real estate market and also within the community. We had achieved preferred contractor status with almost all real estate companies and worked tirelessly to maintain our highest level of customer service. We ended the year with 587 inspections, residential and commercial, which earned us the number 2 spot in the country.The current real estate market has been a challenge for anyone connected to it, and we are no exception, but we have consciously decided not to let the negative press affect our attitude or our determination to suceed. We love this business and enjoy every opportunity we get to educate our Realtors and our clients about this industry and about ways to better enjoy their homes.

Here is a recent quote from our company’s vice president about why we have been successful. “Pam and Bob are a dynamic duo and an asset to the Inspect-It 1st organization. Pam’s marketing savvy combined with Bob’s commitment to delivering the highest quality service is a powerful combination. They have a very clear understanding of their competitive differentiators and client value proposition, and then consistently deliver on that brand promise with each client. When you’re out to be the premium provider for an industry, you hold yourself to a higher level of expected performance – and Pam and Bob never fall short.”
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